Soundproof Wall Panels

Acoustic Wall Panels Soundproofing


Soundproof wall panels are a prime soundproofing solution that are used in Naini places. generally made of compressed mineral wool or foam, this soundproofing acoustic panels absorb the sound waves and reduce noise within an enclosed area.

At extinct decor, we supply high quality soundproof foam for walls. These panels help in providing a high level of protection against noise.

The soundproofing wall panels block noise from entering or exiting a room as they are heavy and dense and absorb all the vibrations quickly converting the sound energy into kinetic energy.

Soundproofing walls is a sure shot way to ensure that the audience is not distracted by unwanted noise.

Acoustic wall panels find application in many areas which include dance studios, hotels, libraries, homes and condos.

At Extinct decor we believe in a scientific inspection of the room in which the soundproofing panels are to be installed. We provide our expert soundproofing interior services.