Auditorium Acoustic Soundproofing


An auditorium is a place where people come to learn, entertain and express themselves. Many organizations like schools, colleges, theatres, universities, community centers, and musical organizations rely on auditoriums to host their events.

In order to enjoy the performance, your audience needs to hear the performance or the speaker from each and every corner of the auditorium.

Any auditorium that is not soundproofed won’t be able to give an exhilarating auditory experience to its audiences. The acoustics of the Auditorium play an important role in enhancing the experience of the audience. Hence Soundproofing an Auditorium is absolutely necessary.

We provide auditorium acoustic soundproofing services and have years of experience in providing such services to various auditoriums.

We can also help in Auditorium Room Design which plays a critical role in ensuring that the auditorium is soundproofed.

Extinct decor is one of the pioneering companies in auditorium design. Our experts will help you in identifying the areas which need soundproofing in order to minimize the echo effect and other unfavorable sound effects that can potentially ruin the auditory experience.