Temple & Church

Church Acoustic Treatment


A temple or a church is supposed to be a really quiet place. Where the distance between the devotees and God should not be increased by unwanted sound waves.

Imagine how it will feel when his / her prayers are interrupted by reverberating Echoes and unwanted distractions of other devotees.

Hence a well designed church / Temple acoustic system is a vital parameter in any house of worship.

We at extinct decor provide expert Church Acoustic Treatment & Design services. we have an experienced team who is well versed in solving all the sound related issues that normally arise in a church.

We design customized Church Acoustic Sound Panels that provide quality sound proofing solutions in a church.

Church Acoustic Treatment services provided by us will ensure that all the pilgrims coming to recharge will not be disturbed by any unwanted noise. We have a full range of products which include acoustic panels, sealants, windows, doors and baffles that will meet all the needs of soundproofing in a church.

Church Soundproofing is absolutely necessary as any sort of disturbance in a charge can disturb the the worshipers and spoil their church experience.