Dance Studio

Dance Studio Acoustic Soundproofing


Dance is not just a way of expression, it is a way of life for many people. It is for those true dance lovers that we present our Dance studio Acoustic solutions.

We understand that the rhythm of dance can break if it gets disturbed by an external noise source. This could even cause serious injury. That’s why at extintdecor we have designed tailor-made Dance Studio solutions that will help in avoiding all sorts of external noises.

We know that Dance studios normally exist in busy commercial places. While the external noise can cause a lot of trouble for the dance studio, the same amount of trouble can be caused to the neighbors due to the noise produced in the dance studio. Hence we take care that the noise of your dance studio does not go out and disturb the neighbors.

As a Dance studio owner, you know how critical it is to focus on catching the beat of the song. Our Dance Studio Floor soundproofing solutions will provide you the peace of mind so that you can show your piece of mind to the world.

How to soundproof your dance studio

Soundproofing a dance studio consists of many processes like

  • Analyzing the size of the dance studio

  • Identifying the potential sound leak points

  • Knowing the material of the walls

  • Designing a solution that is elegant

We have been working with many experts who know how to soundproof a dance studio. At extintdecor, we understand that in a dance studio aesthetics play an important role and hence we will ensure that we design a solution that is both efficient and elegant.