Echo Elimination Services

Echo Elimination


We all know how annoying it can become when there is echo reverberation in a premise. The problem is evident especially in large indoor spaces like Sports Venues, Classrooms and Concert halls. It causes a lot of disturbance for both the audience as well as the performer/speaker.

A well designed echo elimination system will ensure that you do not face this issue in your premise. At Extintdecor we understand the science behind echo elimination and will provide you with customized solutions according to your premise.

We have state of the art sound and echo absorbing products which combined with our expertise will eliminate echo from your premises.

Once our team finishes its work you can expect

  • A substantial improvement in the sound quality

  • Elimination or reduction in echoes

  • Offer people a satisfactory experience

hen you choose Extintdecor, the only echo that you will hear would be that of your own thoughts!