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Home Theatre Design Soundproofing


Who doesn’t like movies, watching a movie in the privacy of your home in your private home theater can prove to be a wonderful experience. It’s not just about the movies but your home theater proves to be your man-cave a place where you relax and enjoy your favorite movie in the comfort and convenience of your own home. However, this experience can prove to be a nuisance if the acoustics are overlooked. This happens because the sound of the movie will reverberate throughout the house disturbing the sleeve and mental peace of other members.

We at extinct decor have a vast experience in Home Theater Room Design. Soundproofing a Home Theater is a great investment as you can then enjoy the comforts of your home theater without worrying about disturbing your neighbours. Home theater soundproofing is a science and if not done properly won’t be effective. At Extinct decor, we understand this fact and hence take the necessary corrective steps to provide you with state of the art home theater soundproofing solutions.

We provide soundproofing solutions for many Home Theater Designs.  We can also suggest you the optimal Room Design for Home Theater as being experts in Home Theater Design we do understand the requirements of a home theater room.