Recording Studio

Recording Studio Soundproofing


A recording studio is the most important room for a musician or singer. In order to derive the maximum benefit out of a recording studio you will require studio soundproofing material that will absorb the sound produced in the recording studio like a sponge that absorbs most of the sound waves striking it.

Recording Studio Soundproofing is the art and science of selecting the proper materials to ensure that the sound waves produced in the recording studio stay there.

Extinct decor isan Acoustic Soundproofing Consultant who has years of experience in designing and supplying soundproofing materials according to the requirements of the customer.

We understand the science of acoustics and will provide you with state of the art Studio Soundproofing solutions.

We provide high quality Acoustic Sound Panels for Recording Studio Soundproofing.

If you want to know how to Build a Sound Proof Room, then come to us as we have years of experience in designing soundproof rooms for various purposes.