Study Room

Soundproof Study Room


A study room is a place where people like to contemplate over important issues. The process of organizing your thoughts is compromised if there is an external disturbance in the form of noise in the study room. That’s why it is important to make the study rooms soundproof.

If noise reduction measures are not taken in the study room, then it can lead to mental fatigue and poor concentration problems. We at extintdecor understand the science of soundproofing and have delivered customized soundproofing solutions to various clients.

We are having many soundproofing solutions like

  • Soundproof curtains

  • Acoustic foam

  • Hanging Baffles

  • Acoustic partitions

We will do a thorough analysis of your study room and then decide which solution to use for your room. We understand that soundproofing a room needs to be done in a perfect manner so that you can concentrate on your next great idea.