Meditation Rooms

Soundproofing Meditation Rooms


Meditation is the tonic for the mind. In this maddening world, it acts as a soothing agent. Many studies have proven the effectiveness of meditation. One of the most important daily routine in many people’s lives is the exercise of meditation.

As we all know, the environment surrounding us while doing any exercise plays an important role in cementing that habit. The same is true for meditation, the better the environment, the better will be your experience of meditation. Nobody likes to be disturbed while meditation. In urban neighborhoods, it is common to be disturbed by various sounds like honking cars, talking joggers, barking dogs and crying children.

We at extintdecor understand this and hence provide acoustic solutions for designing your meditation room. We have many meditation room design ideas that will solve your issue of unwanted sounds.

Factors mentioned below must be taken into consideration while thinking about meditation room design.

  • The location of the mediation room

  • The size of the room

  • The material of construction of walls and floors

  • The acoustics of the room

Whatever may be your meditation room idea, we will bring it to fruition with our state of the art solutions. You just need to focus on the noises inside your head, we will take care of the external noise.